How to easily take care of artificial flowers

Artificial plants are both beautiful and functional. While they don't require the care that living plants need, such as watering and fertilizing, they still require regular cleaning to look their best. Whether your flowers are made of silk, metal or plastic, dusting or cleaning delicate parts can be intimidating. However, you can learn how to clean artificial flowers effectively.

Cleaning Silk Flowers

1.Sprinkle flowers every week Gently move back and forth over the area where dust usually accumulates. The weekly dusting will remove a bit of dust and keep the cleaner deep between cleanings. As an alternative to a feather duster, you can use: a microfiber cloth with a hair dryer set to low heat.
A vacuum cleaner with an old sock secured to the hose by a rubber band. If possible, set the vacuum cleaner to the lowest setting.

2.Use a silk flower cleaning spray. Blow flowers gently No wiping required. You can buy sprays at department stores.
Cleaning sprays can be very effective, but they are usually very expensive.

3.Put the flowers in a bag of salt. Place the flowers in a plastic resealable bag with a few tablespoons of coarse salt. Shake the bag gently for one minute. The salt grains will act as a light abrasive, gently loosening dust and dirt. When finished, remove the flowers from the bag and shake off the rest of the salt.
As an alternative to salt, you can use two to three tablespoons of cornmeal. Follow the same directions for the salt method.

4.Spray with a mixture of vinegar and water. If you think your flowers can safely handle a little moisture, fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and distilled vinegar. Lightly spray the flowers with the mixture and let them air dry. You may want to place a towel under the flowers to absorb any drips.

5.Use soap and water. Add room temperature water to the sink with a few drops of dishwashing soap. Gently wipe each flower in the water, rubbing gently to remove any stubborn dirt. Immediately remove the flowers from the water and use a clean towel to clean the entire piece. Be careful when drying the flowers that the towel can loosen all parts of each flower. If hand wrapped, do not soak your flowers. Soaking erodes the glue and weakens the flower pattern.
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Cleaning plastic flowers

1.Dust the flowers. Do this once a week to prevent dust particles from building up. Move your duster in gentle, quick back-and-forth motions. Because plastic is more durable than silk, you can use any of the following alternatives: a feather duster, a microfiber cloth, a hair dryer set to low heat, a A can of compressed air.

2.Use lemon juice. Put it in a spray bottle. Spray the dirty areas of the flowers. The citric acid helps break down dirt and grime.
If the dirt is particularly stubborn, gently remove it with a cloth or dishwashing mitt. Rinse the flowers with cool water. After washing, place the flowers on a towel to dry.
Do not use hot water, as it can weaken the glue that holds the individual flower parts together.
Avoid scrubbing, which can damage the flowers.

Post time: Oct-25-2022