What are artificial flowers? What does it do?

Simulation flower, also called artificial flower, it is a flower as a model, made of silk, wrinkle paper, polyester, plastic, crystal and other materials made of fake flowers, or dried flowers baked with flowers. With the continuous progress of society, the simulation of flower technology is increasingly exquisite, basically can be fake. Even so, there is a big difference between it and real flowers.

The characteristics of artificial flowers:
1.gorgeous color, unique modeling, dignified and elegant, preservation time for a long time, the four seasons like spring in full bloom;
2.the cost price is much lower than flowers, the market profit space is large;
3.a wide variety, not due to the alternation of seasons and out of stock phenomenon;
4.Those who love flowers and are allergic to pollen can enjoy them boldly.
5.handicraft lovers get leisure and entertainment at the same time, but also got a favorite gift and the enjoyment of beauty;
6.works to friends, is a rare personality gift, and make their own work full of a sense of accomplishment.

Because the flowers open more than ten days and half a month, less than two days and three days, in the blink of an eye, can only become an instant memory, and the maintenance of cleaning trouble. The appearance and application of artificial flowers satisfy people's requirement of the time of flower appreciation and prolong the life of flower works.

Artificial flowers can not only be maintained for a long time, but also have the characteristics of strong plasticity, giving flower designers greater freedom of creation. Bending. Folding, string, cutting and other floriculture production of the combined effect, for the appearance of lifelike floriculture works to provide a broad stage. The vivid artificial flowers combined with the diversity and richness of the collocation bring us enthusiasm, surprise, shock and eternal beauty.


Modern people yearn for nature, the pursuit of the art of life, the pursuit of comfort and comfort, artificial flowers in the material has been greatly improved, from the past pure manual to the present computer spectrum, printing mold. Artificial flowers have the same name as imitation flowers. Stems, leaves and flowers made of polymeric resin are used after special brightening treatment and mist treatment. In the use of flower materials, paper flowers, hand-rolled flowers, silk flowers, forged ribbon flowers, wheat wrapped flowers. In the field of floral design, artificial flowers occupy a very important part, widely used in the commercial field.

Post time: Nov-10-2022