Home beautification how to choose artificial flowers

Artificial flowers are fake flowers made of taut silk, crepe paper, polyester, plastic, crystal and other materials, as well as dried flowers baked with flowers, which are generally known as artificial flowers in the industry. Artificial flowers, as the name implies, is to flowers as a blueprint, with cloth, yarn, silk, plastic and other raw materials to imitate.

Artificial flowers floral design application places
Opening celebrations, wedding banquets, office premises, home beautification, decoration in large hotels, exhibition halls, supermarkets, stations and other public occasions.

Home beautification how to choose artificial flowers

Decoration style and placement location selection
For example, tulips, hydrangeas, lilies, moonflowers, roses and other gentle and romantic flowers, especially suitable for sophisticated and elegant living and dining rooms.
And casual, rustic decoration style, more suitable with some fruit and green branches category,

such as: persimmon, holly, cranberry fruit short branch, five grain fruit, etc., a natural and fresh casual dining room jumped out to present.

Artificial Rose Flower

Vase selection
Ceramic, wooden vases can be matched with warm and spirited flowers and fruit class, while glass, silver vases are more suitable with elegant flowers.

Selection of the number of flower arrangements
If the color of the flowers is to convey the mood of different seasons, then the number of flowers is to express the mood of different spaces. One branch of tranquility, two or three branches of simple and bright, many branches of positive enthusiasm.

Post time: Nov-17-2022